Equity Work

Equity Team Purpose

The Equity Team's mission is to close opportunity and academic gaps in our school for students of color. Our vision is to provide an equitable and inclusive working and learning environment for our students, families, staff, and community. Learning and personal growth are foundational steps we must take to realize these goals, as well as family and community integration. Our learning has been and continues to be guided by professional development with the district, team, and staff. Intentional interactions with parent/caregiver groups are essential in helping us better understand the strengths and needs of our community. Ultimately, our goal is to empower our students to be changemakers and lead antiracist lives.

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Equity Team Meeting - January 18, 2023

Meeting Notes Summary:

Member roles: We had 2 people sign up to help with notetaking and communication. We still have opportunity for other roles.

Review of Equity Team survey Results: We will move forward with a book study to guide our learning: “Bridges to Heal Us.”  Team will use the survey to provide input on book study schedule. We will begin reading the book prior to our March 22nd meeting.

Equity Team Learning: We watched the video “A Poem for my White Friends” from the resources 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge. A Poem for My White Friends: I Didn't Tell You. The team discussed the video.

Engaging Families: Team discussed ideas for a community event in the Spring. Team will be voting on date and details through a team survey.

Logistics: Team discussed logistics of meetings, agendas and resources. Survey will be sent to our team. Please complete the survey.

Upcoming Meetings: All team Meeting (March 22 and May 24). Staff Meetings (Feb 22 and April 26)