Vision and Mission

Curriculum Night Presentation

Our school received an LWSD Innovation Grant. Here is a Video about ISL:


Inspire. Empower. Impact.

Mission: Empowering changemakers who know themselves, understand others and are inspired to make an impact on our world.

Vision: Inspiring students to embrace their talents and passions within them to realize their potential, become global citizens and changemakers, and develop the academic and social skills that will make the world a better place.


Content. Collaboration. Communication. Citizenship. Character. Critical and Innovative Thinker.

Our Values:

  • We value relationships and connections
  •  All student strengths are celebrated, we recognize the importance of whole child development
  • We empower students to be Changemakers and to have impact as a part of the larger community
  • We believe in equal emphasis on academic rigor and character development
  • Standards are taught in a purposeful and meaningful way and are accessible to a range of learners
  • We believe in lifelong learning for all, students and staff
  • We take risks, ask questions, use a growth mindset, and celebrate mistakes.
  • We are dedicated to the success of all students.
  • Believe we, as teachers, have the power to impact students' lives.
  • Families have the right to take a meaningful part in their child's academic and social well-being.

Be Kind. Be Brave. Be You. Be the Change.