Ella Baker Hat Day


Happy Birthday Ella Baker!

Ella Baker's birthday is just around the corner, December 13th! Let's honor her legacy by participating in one or more activities: 

1. Take time to learn about Ella Baker. Do some research or watch this video about her life's work: About Ella Baker and read about how Ella Baker is the namesake of our school: Ella Baker

2. Be a Changemaker: Ella Baker dedicated her life to service. What is something your family can do this month to make a difference in the lives of others?

3. Participate in Hat Day on Friday, December 11th. Why hat day? Ella Baker spent her life on the road, traveling from state to state teaching and empowering others. Life on the road was hard. When Ella Baker had a little free time, one of her hobbies was purchasing hats. She loved wearing fashionable hats. To honor her, wear a hat on Friday!

Ella Baker